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A-V Services offers complete ISF-Certified calibration for all video display devices. We use Sencore CP-5000 Analysis gear and various test discs.

Why calibrate?

Congratulations!  You have purchased a new High-Definition television or projector and now you want the most bang for the buck, the best value for your entertainment dollar!

The fact of the matter is that your television was set up by the manufacturer to look its best when sitting on a large well-lit sales floor.  All of the settings are utilized to compete with neighboring units for your attention.  This means that the image has been tweaked to look its brightest, not its most accurate.  Even those units that have pre-selected modes (Vivid, Standard, Sports, Movie, etc) are not set up specifically for YOUR viewing room and YOUR lighting environment.

calibration   When you watch DVD or HD television, do the skin tones tend to look orange or green?  Do backgrounds tend to have an overly bluish glow to them or too red?  Colors will always be a bit off, no matter how much you play with the COLOR and TINT controls in the User Menu?

Inaccurate color! Does this sound like you are getting the most from your investment?




  The Imaging Science Foundation was founded by video gurus Joel Silver, Joe Kane, and Jim Burns in order to promote technical standards and correct professional calibration of televisions and other video displays. ISF runs seminars, presentations, and technical training courses throughout the year. Attendees learn the ins and outs of video technology, learn why TV pictures are often so bad, and more importantly, learn how to correct those pictures. The ISF works with a number of instrument makers so that calibrators have access to the sophisticated test gear needed to make proper adjustments.

The charge for this service is set according to the type and size of display device and in accordance with ISF recommendations. We will calibrate devices that you purchase from us or from other dealers. We use the Sencore CP5000 All-Display Color Pro Analyzer and various test DVDs.

Travel may be an additional charge if more than thirty miles.

Please call for more scheduling info.   You can also click on the ISF link above and visit the ISF web site for more info about that organization.



Flat panel displays (LED or Plasma:            $200

Front Projectors:                                      $350

CRT Front Projectors (please call for pricing. Estimate based on needed labor). Yes, we still work on these dinosaurs!  No need to upgrade if the old girl is still working, but we will help you upgrade if the time is right! 

Note:  Calibration will take approximately two to three hours.  We do basic setup, check geometry and correct where needed, convergence, calibration, set user controls, test.  We ask that you turn on the display device at least one hour prior to our scheduled arrival.  You will receive written documentation of pre-calibration as well as post-calibration measurements.  You are not only permitted to observe the process, we ask that you do so.

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