Audio Control SA-3052 Real Time Analyzer & Calibrated Microphone

   When you put on your favorite CD or DVD or BluRay disc, are you hearing more or less than what was recorded on the disc?  Is your room less than perfect? For that matter, are you aware of the effects that your room is certainly having on the final sound coming from your system?

Are you hearing sounds that come from your system, but have no relation to any known musical instruments? These sounds, usually down in the mid to deep bass, are often unwanted resonance caused by the interaction of the speakers with your listening room.

Once upon a time, many folks thought of equalizers as toys and believed that room analysis was pretty much a waste of time.  After all, if you cannot move the wall, why find out that the wall is a problem?  Certainly, there are always some factors in a system that simply cannot be corrected. And true that when equalizers are used without any sort of real data support, they are little more than expensive toys.  But science is an important part of acoustical problem-solving and many of the problems your system might have can be identified and solved.  Correctly and often with very little pain to your wallet or checkbook.
A-V Services offers a room analysis based strictly on real time data.  For a one-time fee of $100, we will test your system and analyze your listening room.  We use THX-designed multi-channel test discs sending a range of signals to a calibrated microphone attached to an Audio Control SA-3052 Real Time Analyzer.  With this instrument and the data we gather, we can determine frequency response and sound pressure level for each individual speaker and for the system as a whole.  We can pinpoint weaknesses in the gear and locate the "sweet spots" in the room for best listening.  We can configure your multi-channel system levels correctly.  Acoustical problems will show up on the Analyzer's LED screen and because this is done in real time, solutions can be implemented and the results measured and seen immediately.

Changing speaker placement or room furnishings is often enough to solve many of these acousticalproblems,but for those situations that go beyond physical adjustments, we also offer the Audio Control line of high-quality equalizers to scientifically "tame the beast".

We will adjust your speaker levels, set your rear channel delays properly, and if you are using an or decide to purchase one, we will be able to take out most if not all unwanted resonance from your system.  And best of all, your analysis fee will be applied  toward the purchase of any new Audio Control equalizer!

If you are serious about your audio quality, this is a win-win offer for you. No magic, no smoke or mirrors, just hard data and our experience at solving problems.