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Lutron Safe Entry Starter System

Imagine returning home late at night and being greeted by a fully lit house! Warm and welcoming, and all of the lights that you want on are turned on by a single touch of a button located on the visor of your car! Oh yes, you can use the same touch-pad to control your garage door opener!

Imagine rising in the morning to lights on in the kitchen and bathroom and hallway, but dim in the bedroom for those still sleeping.

Imagine turning those same lights off (while turning the outdoor lights on) at night with a single touch of a button on the keypad sitting on the nightstand next to your bed.

Imagine the energy savings when using lighting controlled by dimming rather than with the old-fashioned on-off switches. A light dimmed to 50% brightness still permits excellent vision, but uses just 50% of the electricity used by a light that is “full-on”!

Imagine these and many other scenarios that are possible with the Lutron Safe Entry Starter System. Designed by the leader in lighting, this system of lighting control uses no extra wiring! Not just a dimmer, but a system of lighting control that allows you to save time, energy, money, and enjoy your new home to its fullest. System is flexible and easily expandable!

Improve the look of furnishings with just the right light…
Furniture, art and architecture all look better with the just the right amount of light. Lighting scenes make the house look “just right” all the time, whether it’s for entertaining, relaxing or
setting any mood. Create the perfect lighting scenes time after time, all from the convenience of a master control.

Lighting can be controlled with touch screens, universal remote controls, or even from web-capable devices like a personal computer, PDA or web tablet. Consolidate control to one device, and eliminate the need for numerous devices.


Color-coordinate all of the switches and outlets…
Devices are available in a wide array of colors, so you can accent each room with your own personal style. Receptacles, phone jacks, cable jacks and other accessories to maintain your home'spolished look.


A master control station puts the control of all your lights in one place to
• Monitor which lights are on or off
• Turn a light or a group of lights on or off
• Adjust a light or a group of lights to predetermined lighting levels
Master control buttons are typically programmed to work with a your daily activities.


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