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kndrtheater2   Shown here is the dedicated theater and disco room of a customer's home located in an eastern suburb of Cleveland.  We designed the room layout and installed the audio and video system including Runco high-definition digital projector and 104" wide Stewart Screen. 
WELK01   From flat panel televisions to separate front projector and screen systems, we offer the finest components and we know how to incorporate them into your home and lifestyle.  On the audio side, we can provide you with all of the latest and greatest components.  We can turn your dedicated room into an awesome home theater or your multi-purpose room into a state-of-the-art media room!


  Home Theater 1

Home Theater 2

Home Theater 3

Key Benefits of Dealing with A-V Services:
bullet Experience and maturity. We've been dealing with audio and video for the home since 1977.
bullet Quality of components and leadership in system design. As a system designer, I know that the equipment ought be a means to the end, a vehicle that enhances your music or movie experience rather than taking over your life and home!
bullet Consistent marriage of equipment to room and lifestyle.
bullet Commitment to long-term flexibility and upgrade ability.

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