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A-V Services offers complete CATV, TELEPHONE, and DATA wiring and installation. We take the worry out of cable and phones for your new home or retro-fit. All wiring is RG6 Quad shielded for CATV or Satellite, and CAT5e for telephone and DATA. All wiring is data-grade and all wires are home-run back to an enclosed panel. We can provide  distribution modules as well as basic network gear and setup, basically everything that you might need in order to enjoy clean television pictures and static-free phone lines as well as utilize the internet or in-house neworking!

And yes, we can clean up poor cable installs and fix broken cable lines!

Telephone technology has come a long way since Alexander Bell made his first call to Watson. A-V Services has the know-how to move your communication system into the 21st Century!


This schematic shows a standard 2 TV's, one PC, and one phone set-up in a new construction home (not knowing the final location of the TV's and PC). We recommend that two cat-5's and one RG6 cable be run to each location in the home. An AC outlet is required to power the electronics in the outside phone protector.

In an imperfect world, the cable company's priority is to service as many homes as possible in the quickest and cheapest manner. The result is often video noise, ground hum, and other cable-associated problems. Doesn't mean that cable television is bad; just means that care must be taken in preparing your new home for tomorrow's services as well as for today's. For A-V Services, this means proper wire runs, tight fittings, and planned source distribution. Video is our specialty.

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