We specialize in the design and installation of upscale home theaters.  We are authorized dealers for the best in home theater audio and video gear.  Would you like to add a surround sound system and big-screen television to your family room? Or perhaps transform a spare room into an out-of-this-world dedicated theater  with front projector giant screen and digital THX surround sound, we can help you through the entire process. ......more



Now you can enjoy music and video throughout your home, provided from a single source and individually controlled in each room or area of the house.  We specialize in new construction, but can also retro-fit an existing home for this exciting enhancement to your lifestyle.  In addition, we can provide easy-to-use control systems that give you fingertip access to your music library as well as lighting, security, and more!......more

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We will take care of every aspect of cabling not only your video and audio equipment, but also phones, PC's and security system.

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Low Voltage Options

A-V Services can configure and install security systems and surveillance camera in your new or existing home or office......more

Room Analysis and Equalization
No room is perfect and not even the highest quality audio systems mesh seamlessly into every room environment.  Are you enjoying the full value of your system?  Most likely not.  By using a calibrated microphone, Audio Control Real Time Analyzer, and the proper test discs, we can evaluate your system and your room, locate and identify acoustical problems, properly adjust all of your speaker levels, and offer practical and cost-effective solutions to any problems that are found.  We cannot make a poor system sound like a good one, but we can make a good system sound better!
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We are certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) to properly calibrate your television or video projector to give you the most accurate picture and the longest life span.  We include this service as a Value Added to all large video display devices that we sell and we offer this service to you for any of your existing devices for which you demand the best performance (if never calibrated, they must be less than three years old)! For specific pricing, more info about ISF and why you should have your home theater display device calibrated, please click on the above link to our ISF Calibration Page! ......more