What do builders want?

Fewer gray hairs
and increased profits!

  A-V Services can help you!


     After growing up as my father's son (a carpenter, builder, and general contractor for more than sixty years!) and spending more than 25 years in the audio-video industry, I believe that I have a pretty good handle on what it is that builders want.

As I am sure you are already very aware, today's home-owner is looking for amenities for their new home and these often include music throughout the house, a dedicated home theater area or room, integrated sound and control systems, and of course video.

To prepare the home efficiently requires proper planning and the help of an audio-video expert who understands not only how the "stuff" is connected, but also how the home-owner and family will use the various systems!
We offer a number of different programs for contractors looking to provide some of these amenities to their customers.  We can custom-design systems for individual customers or we can put together wiring and equipment templates for various development models.  We can work with retro-fits as well as with new construction.   We also offer a great program for installation at your model homes.
You and your customers are important to us. We will work with you in putting together integrated entertainment systems that will provide your customer with enjoyment and convenience for years to come.