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My name is Tim Campbell. I am the founder and owner of A-V Services, a full-service low voltage and audio-video company. I have been involved with audio, and video, since 1977, working on the retail side of the industry at stores such as Audio Warehouse and Hi-Tech Hi-Fi & Video, and on the manufacturing side as a trainer, spokesman, and application developer for Commodore Computers.

I have written and produced corporate videos and historical documentaries, and for five years worked in and then ran the custom installation department for Hi-Tech Hi-Fi & Video in Lyndhurst, Ohio. Since 1995, I have been responsible for designing and overseeing the installation of more than five hundred audio-video systems! Among my current professional accreditations are certification as a video display calibrator by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), Instrumentation Certification by Sencore Instruments, Technical Training Certification by Runco Home Theater Products, and Acoustical Analysis Certification by Audio Control and the Home Acoustics Association (HAA).

On the personal side, I have two grown sons and I enjoy reading, high school football, tennis, movies, science, and live music. It’s a great life!

A-V Services
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